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Litter Box Odor Control – 3 Tips to Keep your Cat Happy and Your Home Fresh and Clean

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No one likes litter box odors , not you and especially not your cat. The fact is that a litter box needs the same level of attentive cleaning owners give to their home’s other bathrooms. Many cat owners may not be aware of this, but a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human’s, which means an acceptable smelling litter box to you might be totally unbearable for your precious house mate.

So if you and your kitty are starting to suffocate from the hideous smell that surrounds your litter box, then here are some suggestions to keep your home smelling super-fresh and extra clean.

#1 Cleanliness Is Next to Odorlessness

Cats are generally super clean, so be like your cat - fall in love with cleanliness! By loving, we mean obsessively cleaning. Cat litter box odors develop after pee and poop stay in the box unattended, so make sure you are cleaning the litter box regularly.

If you’re cleaning regularly but still unable to get rid of the odor, all you have to do is spray the litter box with NuKleen® Odor Free, an easy fix to your pet odor woes. The product’s unique formula will save you the hassle of having to constantly clean litter boxes and remove the foul odor once and for all.

#2 Try an Odor Removal Product

As explained earlier, the best way to get rid of awful litter box odors is to use a little odor remover after every scoop. NuKleen® odor removal formula has been proven to remove pet odors forever. What’s more, over the years, this odor removal formula has been adopted by pet owners and pet rescue centers as a staple for cat odor removal.

Keep in mind, a lot of deodorizers available in the market tend to leave litter boxes too strongly deodorized; this will result in your cat avoiding the litter box entirely. With NuKleen® Odor Free you won’t have to worry about whether you’re using too much or too little because our product’s fragrances do not leave residue. This product comes with a guarantee that you will use 50% to 70% less litter since you never have to dump your litter out again. Just scoop and spray the litter, its that simple. This will ensure that your litter box is sanitized and odor free while saving the time and money.

#3 Go Non-Allergenic & Bio-Degradable

If you are looking for something that is both non-allergenic and bio-degradable - NuKleen® Odor Free formula is safe to be used around pets and children without worrying about the product’s impact on their health. Once sprayed, the odor remover only leaves remnants of water and CO2 behind. It also has zero impact on the environment, making it both safe and environment friendly for a happy home.

Final Thoughts

If you found this blog useful and are considering an odor removal product for your pet odor woes at home, we highly recommend you try NuKleen® Odor Free. This five-star rated product has time and again proven to be the best cat urine odor remover you will find. What’s more, if you are not satisfied with the product, NuKleen® guarantees your money back.

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