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Get rid of the annoying cat urine smell with NuKleen’s superior odor eliminators

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Cat urine smell is one of the most common complaints of cat owners. It’s not new for households to have a tough time with their cats when they are marking their territory in the home. The problem becomes even bigger when the cats are ill and suffering from an infectious disease. Cats regress to urinate inside your living space, and this problem is most commonly found in neutered cats and dogs.

Pets can pee anywhere and the bad smell can really deteriorate your indoor living experience. So, it is important that you use effective odor busters that can help you to get rid of the annoying smell instantly. NuKleen’s odor removers are what you need.

Why NuKleen?

We, at NuKleen, strive to offer nothing but the best to our customers when it comes to our products. We specialize in carpet cleaners and odor busters. If we talk about odor busters in particular, our products are designed for optimum odor removal. Unlike many other sellers on the market, we do not sell fragrance products that just mask the smell rather than actually removing it. Our products are 100% safe for pets and children, and designed to remove cat urine smell permanently.

Our unique odorless Tek 7 Enzymes removes the urine smell in a few seconds and often with just one application. The enzymes are capable of penetrating into fabrics and even hard surfaces. NuKleen’s biodegradable formula ensures that the only by-products that our odor removers leave are CO2 and water.

Want to get rid of the annoying pet urine smells permanently? Contact NuKleen today to buy the best odor eliminators!