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Odor control for our cat colony

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We foster cats and kittens and never seem to have less than 10 cats in our house at any given time. With that many cats comes a lot of litter boxes and with a lot of litter boxes you gets a lot of dust and stink. When I first found this product at a pet expo I was skeptical just like everyone else. I bought some to use to clean up urine smells on the carpet. I figured I would give it a try since I've spent hundreds of dollars on other products and none really worked. I then found out that it actually worked! I was excited! Over time I found out I could use it with the litter boxes. I spray every new litter box thoroughly and let it dry. Fill it with litter and let the cats do their thing. BEFORE I scoop, I spray NuKleen over the litter. It keeps the dust down and as a plus, it kills germs. I no longer feel like I have to hold my breath while I'm scooping. The more I used NuKleen, the more I realized that I wasn't changing the litter as often as I used to. Why? Because it doesn't stink! Well, unless Annie has just visited. But even then, I can spritz a little NuKleen in the general area and it takes care of the smell. I've noticed a decrease in litter box related illnesses and improved general health of the cats in our care. I love this stuff!

My husband is a believer too. He just got a gallon of the carpet and upholstery cleaner and is busy shampooing all of our carpets. He decided to do a comparison of two rooms with different products. NuKleen won hands down! He poured the other stuff down the drain.

If you still aren't convinced and aren't sure this will work, talk to the owners about your concerns. They have been great to work with and I'm positive they can help you find a way to try it. Once you do, you won't purchase any other odor control or urine smell removing products anywhere else.

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