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Blog - Bad Breath

Lexi's story

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I purchased NuKleen at a dog show in November. I am the ultimate skeptic so I just bought the small bottle, well I am telling everyone it is the best product I have ever purchased (and there have been many). My old girl Lexi has a cracked tooth and we have been watching it for some time. She is not a candidate for general anesthesia due to age and some health issues. Over a few days her breath got so bad and she was drooling all over everything, mostly her bed. You would walk downstairs in the morning and it hit you over the head. I sprayed NuKleen all over the bed, and the throw rugs. Smell was gone. I hate the throw rugs but she falls on the wood floors and can't get back up due to arthritis. NuKleen was a morning ritual until the antibiotics kicked in. Her breath is good, she still drools but not nasty smelling at all. NuKleen why don't you make a breath spray and sell it in little spray bottles. (Lexi could be your tester). She goes back to the vet tomorrow and I am taking the spray with me to show her. If you are on the fence about buying this product, make the jump and try it. These guys could not be nicer when you talk to them on the phone.

Thank You from the bottom of the bottle

Melinda, (Lexi & Cooper too) Lexi and Cooper all ready for the pet parade at our annual summer block party

PS: It also works well over the kittens litter box