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Louie has met his match

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Posted by Joseph Toubes on 1st Dec 2014

We have a cocker spaniel who for some reason likes to pee on what he decides he needs to and it has been a pain to deal with. This product we purchased does as it says, eliminates the residual odor after we take care of his issue. I'd recommend giving it a try.

We were at a dog show in Des Moines, and saw the booth. I was skeptical at first, but we got a starter kit. It really works.

THE BEST Odor Remover I've Ever Used!

Posted by Marie Glover on 14th Mar 2013Living with over 100 in our home/cat rescue, we've tried dozens of products to help remove the ungodly smell of cat urine from floors, walls, litter boxes. Nu Kleen is hands down THE BEST odor remover product we've ever used at Tabby Town USA, Inc. I highly recommend [...]

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Greatest Product Out There

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2014I have never purchased a product that does what it says it will do. If you are looking for something that will rid the smell of skunk, well I can vouch for this product. In the past I've tried every product out there for the smell of skunk and [...]

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