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About Us


Welcome to NuKleen Inc., formerly Kelly's Products. My name is Paul Kelly and I am the owner of NuKleen Inc. and have been in business since 1973. 

My business started in the Contract Commercial Cleaning Industry in the 70's working with many name brand products, some that were not really that good for the environment and required the use of a lot of "Water" ...the world's most precious resource!

In 1993, I discovered and began marketing with a line of "Waterless" products that would help conserve our most precious resource, "Water".

Now, in the turn of a new century, and over 35 years of business, my company is proud to present to YOU the absolute BEST line of products you will ever try or buy! 

We bring to you products made in the USA that conserve our most precious resources:

  1.  products that will save you time and money
  2.  products that Eliminate all organic odors while cleaning the air we breathe
  3.  products that clean your Carpet - Upholstery - Wool - Synthetic blends
  4.  products that clean, condition and protect Leather & Vinyl in one easy step
  5.  products that will make oxidized rubber or plastic new and protected in one easy step!

We are most proud of NuKleen N' Seal - Waterless Spray & Shine product that will clean, seal, polish, and protect any non-porous surface without using a drop of water! 

We invite you to visit our product links to learn more.

Our customers say they are the best they have ever tried, would you agree a satisfied customer is a customer for life? Well, we are "Old School" here at Kelly's Products and if you want to "first time try it", feel free to click the CONTACT ME link to send me a request via email.


Paul E. Kelly, Owner 





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Welcome to NuKleen® Products, storefront of the NuKleen® N’ Seal family of products!

Whether you need to wash and wax the outside of your car or clean the carpet of your home, we carry a product that’ll help you clean it AND save some water. Click on the label of the product you'd like to see above, or one of the categories in the sidebar to the left to begin your search for the solution to your cleaning needs!

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