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Carnauba Wax

NuKleen® N' Seal is a space age waterless carnauba wax and multi purpose cleaner that provides a long-lasting shine and molecular protective seal. This product is highly regarded as the best car wax polish and best spray car wax on the market. This eco-friendly cleaner can save thousands of gallons of water in everyday indoor and outdoor cleaning projects. For example, by using this product as a waterless car wax polish or spray car wax, you can save from 80 to 140 gallons of water every time you wash and wax your car, boat, RV, truck, motorcycle, airplane, etc. Many of our customers use this product as a combined car wash and wax and will not damage your paint even when applied while your vehicle is dirty. NuKleen® N' Seal can be applied as a spray car wax, or as a car wax polish applied using your microfiber towel and buffed with a second, clean microfiber towel. Use of this unique multipurpose cleaner can save money and time as well as our most precious natural resource--Water! Take a look at our 5-star rated reviews to see why this product is unmatched by our competition and known as the best car wax polish and best spray car wax available.

NuKleen® N' Seal is a natural oil-based product, consisting of two major components: a high-grade carnauba oil (approx 80%) and a high-grade, natural vegetable-based oil (approx. 20%). This combination, along with other proprietary components are treated with a specifically designed ionization process which helps reduce surface tension, thus neutralizing ion attraction between the cleaned surface and any airborne charged dust or dirt particles. This ionization process and the specifically designed components are trademarked as our proprietary formula known as "Ion-Tek 7"™.

The Ion-Tek 7™ formulation lubricates and surrounds the dirt and grime providing surface protection from scratching and marring during application (a process known as encapsulation). The encapsulated dirt and grime is broken down thus being processed for removal with a microfiber towel (a process known as emulsification). Finally, a molecular bonding occurs between the "Ion Tek 7"™ and the material's surface producing a slick finish with a deep shine and luster that is sealed yielding a long-lasting protected finish.