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Leather | Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner

NuKleen® Leather N' Vinyl is the best leather cleaner and conditioner on the market that strengthens while moisturizing with our proprietary Tek 7 Lanolin Plus formula by restoring and protecting leather and vinyl. Leather N' Vinyl is also known as the best car leather cleaner, leather furniture cleaner, and boat vinyl cleaner due to our unique Tek 7 Lanolin Plus formula that quickly absorbs into the hide leaving a non-greasy, satin finish that repels dirt, moisture, and ultraviolet rays. Many of our customers have tried other products only to be left thinking they may need to replace their leather or vinyl, then tried Leather N' Vinyl and were pleasantly surprised when they were able to keep those replacement costs in their pocket. 

Used regularly, Leather N' Vinyl will keep your car or household furniture leather soft, lustrous and healthy. Regular applications will protect your leather and vinyl from cracking. Leather N' Vinyl releases oils to restore needed moisture in vinyl and leather, contains no harsh ingredients, contains no silicone, and won’t accelerate vinyl deterioration by changing the original chemical balance. Leather N' Vinyl conditions leather to maintain suppleness & durability. A subtle fragrance compliments the leather and vinyl natural aroma. 

Leather N' Vinyl technology cleans, reconditions, and protects all types of leather and vinyl. Our Tek 7 Lanolin Plus formula places an invisible, breathable protection barrier between you and your leather or vinyl. This way you are not actually cleaning the leather or vinyl's original surface, but cleaning from the surface of protection! The Tek 7 Lanolin Plus formula also prevents stains from absorbing deeply into the leather or vinyl. If you are looking for furniture cleaner products, you have truly found the best with NuKleen® Inc. 

Use on: Auto & Boat Upholstery, Hot Tub Covers, Canvas, Convertible Tops, Furniture, Leather Jackets, Saddles, Luggage and Handbags, Sports Equipment, Worn Leather, Shoes, etc.