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Carpet | Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover

Whether you are looking for the best carpet cleaner for pets, or the best carpet stain remover, you can stop your search here. One of our most popular products, NuKleen® Carpet N' Upholstery Cleaner yields optimum cleaning results with our proprietary Tek 7 Enzyme Emulsifier Plus, a heavily concentrated formula which ensures maximum soil suspension and a quick dry time. Our Tek 7 Enzyme Emulsifier Plus formula contains a unique urine enzyme cleaner that separates us from our competition and qualifies us as the best pet stain remover and pet stain carpet cleaner on the market. Carpet N' Upholstery Cleaner is also the best upholstery cleaner and can also be used for cars and car seats. 

Carpet N' Upholstery Cleaner is used by many commercial carpet cleaners, and our 5-star reviews say it all. You will be amazed at the unmatched ability of this product to remove any imaginable stain and leave your carpet looking like new again, saving lots of money as you will not need to replace it due to those difficult stains. If the pros can rely on this product to do its job, you can count on it to exceed your expectations and you will no longer need to deal with those other products that leave you frustrated with subpar results. You will never want to use another carpet and upholstery cleaner again. 

Carpet N' Upholstery Cleaner technology loosens, lifts, suspends, and cleans soil n' stains on all types of carpet and upholstery. Our proprietary Tek 7 Enzyme Emulsifier Plus, a low residue formulation is enhanced with optical brighteners for optimum cleaning results. 

Use on: all types of carpet or fabric including wool, nylon, and other synthetic blends. Effectively removes urine stains, permanent sharpie marker, wine, oil, grease, coffee, soda, rust, mustard, ketchup, and chocolate. Test first for color fastness in inconspicuous area. If color is affected, do not use.

This product is commonly paired with our most popular product, NuKleen® Odor Free, the best pet odor eliminator that will remove and eradicate odors forever that just won't go away, including pet odors! Odor Free is the best pet odor remover and carpet pet odor eliminator that you will find on the market. Carpet N' Upholstery Cleaner and Odor Free are a dynamic product duo that are guaranteed to solve your pet odor removal needs, as well as any other hard to remove odor.