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Car Wash

NuKleen® Suds N' Seal is an enviromentally designed Clean & Seal formula with proprietary Poly-Tek 7 Protection, used on Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Plastic, Chrome, Brass, Fiberglass, Vinyl Siding, Windows.  INDOOR USES: Granite, Corian, Marble, Appliances, Stainless Steel, Mirrors.  FLOORS: Ceramic Tile or Hardwood Floors. 

Technology System: NuKleen® Suds N' Seal is a bio-degradable high foaming extra strength concentrate is fortified with our Proprietary Poly-Tek 7 formula that bonds and protects the surface.  Rich high foaming POLY-Tek 7 floats away dirt and grime from the surface while rinsing spot free to a bright shine without wiping!  NuKleen™'s Poly-Tek 7 Protection bonds with the Ion-Tek 7 Carnauba in our NuKleen® N' Seal as a two product system.

NuKleen® Suds N' Seal Benefits: Won't strip wax**Leaves no spots**Non-steak Poly-Tek7 formula**Safe for all car finishes**Great shine without waxing**Highly concentrated**Low alkalinity pH 8.5**Pleasant fragrance**Film-free rinsing action